Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CCDI experiences in CHED Games 2010

CCDI delegation composed of 20 participants , had valuable experiences in CHED Games 2010 that deserves to be shared of.

Our learning from this game has molded us become better athletes and sports leaders. Nevertheless, the throttling discomfort and dismay due to lack of preparation and proper communication cannot be disregarded as part of learning experiences.
CHED Games is an initiative of Sec. Emmanuel Y. Angeles through the NAHEI or National Higher Education Institutions participated b three biggest nationwide sports association, the Private School Athletic Association (PRISAA), State Colleges and Universities Association (SCUAA) and the Local Colleges and Universities Association (LCUAA).

Bicol delegation was confronted by tremendous challenges in its participation to CHED Games. Amongst the issues were:

1. Lack of funding support of CHED to the Regional delegations in which was not the usual arrangement in the previous PRISAA-SCUA unified games, specifically those that were held in 2004 in Bacolod City (as I personally experienced) and in the previous years. In my opinion the supposed assistance to sports has been given to the first-ever National Academic and Cultural Competition, which was again initiated by the CHED Secretary.
2. Due to the first concern, Ateneo de Naga University (with 6 athletes) and the Universidad de Sta. Isabel (44 athletes) back-out in the participation to CHED Games. USI still sent delegates to the Academic and Cultural Competition. For whatever reason they had, we do respect their non-support to CHED Games.

3. Bicol delegation was informed to have a shuttle service vehicle, but found out to have nothing in its arrival to the venue. The issue was eased, when Dr. Villanueva informed us that Sec. Angeles pledge to help the delegation who does not have their own transportation vehicle of the athletes during their actual games.

Bicol delegation is composed majority of athletes from PRISAA having almost, 90% of athletes and the rest from SCUAA (Bicol University and Bicol Central University of Agriculture) and LCUAA. I thank Atty, Marito Bernales, President of CBSUA for personally taking care of the Bicol Delegation. Director Peralta was so supportive to our delegation ensuring that our athletes are safe from harm and that everything is in order. He was backed up by his education supervisors, Dr. Manny Mendoza and Mr. Mediavillo.

Officials of the delegation were composed of five (5) from PRISAA, 19 from SCUAA and three (3) CHED officials. Yet, in the actual games, some of the officials did not arrive in the venue! I just wonder why there are more SCUAA delegation officials considering that most of the athletes are from private school.

Bicol team was housed in Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PhiISCA). Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Ramirez and the dedicated support of his staff, students and security personnel. Our security is strict, but we understand it’s for our athletes’ safety.

Expectedly, our athletes was discomforted by severe heat in Manila. The very warm temperature was weakening us. I think it was 37 Celsius. Thick dusts from the nearby ongoing construction of Marriott Hotel annoyed the athletes. As a regular occurrence in Metro Manila, water supply became scarce and was aggravated by El Nino phenomenon. PHILSCA maintenance immediately responded by asking the help of the Barangay 185 of Pasay City which supplied us additional water.

Our delegation was peaceful. At 10:00 pm, everyone is inside the billeting area. The security officers are checking regularly seeing that everyone is around.

At 4:00 am, most of the athletes are awake preparing to the action of the game…

After that restless night of March 21, we were entertained by its Opening Ceremonies held in Rizal Memorial Complex.

These performance from nearly 2,000 performers of PHILSCA really did amaze the particpating athletes and the crowd as well

Amids the heat of the sun, the delegates from 17 regions of the Philippine archipelago stayed during the Opening of CHEd Games.

Though some are frustrated of the absence of President GMA, who is supposed to be the Guest of Honor of the CHED Games. The Philippine President was in Palawan that time.

Western Visayas (Region VI)

Region 8: EasternSamar:

REgion 10: Northern Mindanao


I should say one of the strongest competitor of NCR in sports is CEBU or Central Visayas. I really did admire the glamour and the personality of their delegation. It seems that there athletes are well-funded by their respective schools and LGUs.

REgion 7: Central Visayas

Region 5: Bicol Region

REgion 5 was not the smallest delegation in CHED Games despite of the absence of 44 USI athletes and 6 Ateneo de Naga athletes. Yet, our delegation was not as bubbly as the other regions.

I noticed that our parade attire is not uniform. Anyway, we have the same colors naman, black and gold.

I hope so, we should have brought our local leaders so they saw the difference of the sports of other regions compared with the Bicol Region.

Though we are pushing for sports development and its active integration in community activities, still our efforts became unwanted and less priorities.

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