Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who's to be blamed?

As requested by some of my readers, I am now updating my blog with my articles published in my opinion column, VOX POPULI  in BUSINA BIKOL NEWS EXPRESS.

Filipinos are no excuse to the political chaos the world is  experiencing today particularly in the Middle east. 

Libya is in the headline of most international media because of the conflict between Gaddafi government and the protesters. As of today more than a thousand  people were dead because of this unrest. 

In Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is now 32  years in power  is facing street demonstrations both from organized opposition parties demanding reforms.

In Bahrain, protests continue to surge as Shi'ite majority wants to overhaul the government and overthrow the al-Khalifa dynasty which ruled Bahrain for 200 years, and the family dominates a cabinet led by the king's uncle, who has been prime minister since independence from Britain in 1971.

We have thousands of OFWs in the Middle East who are seeking for a rescue.

Last week, we are bothered of Taiwan and Hongkong’s indifference to our OFWs. In China, many overseas Filipinos workers are in death row because of drug-related crimes.

These are the undesirable situations our OFWs, our biggest revenue providers are facing today.
Although, President Aquino with his administration is also addressing these problems but its negative effect to our OFWs and to their families can never be under-estimated. As Filipinos, they deserve to have a peaceful life. Out of the country, they sacrificed to earn a living for their family because our government failed to provide them a better employment in their own land.

Last February 25, we celebrated EDSA People Power – the day that gave the Filipino people a big hope that Philippines will be a better country after it. Democracy has been restored! After two decades and a half, Philippines became one of the poorest countries in the world and I think the least improved nation in the Southeast Asian region.

Look around you. Who are getting richer and who gets poorer? Is this the kind of life our government is promising.

I believe, what is happening to us has the consent of our voting populace. We are embracing democracy, but during election most of us instantly submit themselves to be fooled by politicians who buy every vote either at P500 or P200, or even at a kilo of rice and a sardine.

Then, after the election people blamed the administration for incompetence and corruption. Abuse of power in the government is so deafening. Some of us became naïve and numb of malpractices in our government because of hopelessness.

I could say, we never learned from our lessons in the past. Unless we increase our self-worth and dignity, the kind of growth and development we desire for our country can never be attained.

Let us have a good start now. Increase self-respect and stand as men and women of democracy who are created by God with equal worth to anyone.


  1. I like your blog.

  2. Habang may nagbebenta ng boto, di tayo makakaasa ng maayos na sistema ng gobyerno. Kahit sino pa iluklok natin sa pwesto, walang mangyayari. Kung gusto natin ng pagbabago, dapat magsimula sa mga tao mismo.

  3. Hi, Edgar!

    We have also good leaders, but their power is not enough to straighten the long-practiced political system.

    Philippines, has no difference with other third world countries in the world.

    You are true that Philippines is among the first who introduced democratic government in Asia but seems to be economically stagnant, if not worsening. Ironic!

    With your issue about OFWs, at least Philippines is gaining revenues in it. Without them, it is a severe unemployment.

    Well, let's be hopeful that someday our country will be a better place, economically, for the Filipinos.

    Thanks for your opinion, Edgar!