Friday, December 26, 2008


When I was the Administrator of CCDI Naga, I had established a basketball team named CCDI Panthers... It was my first project when the Alfelor's promoted me as the Regional Marketing Officer of CCDI.

Panthers was once the best college basketball team in the Bicol Region. the team was admirable. Beating UNC Greyhounds and Ateneo Golden Knights were some of our achievements. Our campus in Naga City is very small, its 250 sq. meter, I think! And to organize a basketball team like that and excel were great accomplishments.. Its' just like David and Goliaths in the world of Basketball in Naga.

How do I run it? Yeah, thats a big question! Well, God is really good to the people with good intentions and sincere convictions. Panthers survived with the help of Colgante Grills whom I put up after being inspired of establishing a basketball team for the school.

It's so stranged! I have to borrow money from my sister and my cousins just to put up that business. I'm trustworthy, perhaps. He!he!he!he! And I did it! Colgante Grills, a resto bar was a big financial help to sustain the Panthers team.

Panthers reigns in Naga from 2002-2005. It was a glorious years for Panthers. I remember Wyn Galon, my best point guard. Richard Asay, the aggressor; Kari Magalona, a dad at 17 who love basketball more than anybody else; Louie Berja, certified girl hunter; JC Nuyles, pinakamakulit na Panthers; Dee Villamer, who thought basketball court is a modeling stage; Aldin Buenaobra, the Ali Peek of Panthers; Nori Mina, the most handsome of them all (all disagree hehehe!), Jayson Laasa, a 6.2, forgetful man, who left the coaching board in a jeepney coz he thought it wasnt ours; Johnson, a leaper and very deep man... and so on...

I have this coach, Benz Quilang, whom I helped groomed as a coach.. and soar! He was the most admired coach in Naga at that time being with Panthers. The rest is a history to him...

But one thing they have in common.. they all call me TATAY! At 30's being a father figure was an honor for me. There are fathers who do not deserve to be in that status.. And here I am called for that not by my sons but my players. Thanks for the trust!

When I was asked to administer Sorsogon as part of my marketing job, future for Panthers went wrong!

Panthers went astray! They became sheeps without a shepherd! They are denailed!

I turned them over to the local school and top management but has found Panthers insignificant to the branch.. I respect that!

Well, after two years of cold, shrugging shoulders to the Panthers things got worst for CCDI Naga. Enrollees dropped, too! Of course, there are bigger factors that contributed to it. Yet, its undenieble that Panthers lifeless existence was a contribution and a result also. Again, the rest is a history..

Panthers was a LEGACY of my life.. Panthers brougth me a new dimensions and understanding of life. It's soften my heart. It gave me better understanding on the values of discipline, people management, establishing relationship outside home, strategizing resources and above all surviving competition.

I proved their that a small thing become great if it has worthless value.. JUST LIKE CCDI PANTHERS.. which emerged as the only diamonds in the sands of golds.

Thanks to the Alfelors for allowing me have that wonderful experience!

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