Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thanks God! I am now an eight month old member and a Youth Service Director of the Rotary Club of Metro Sorsogon.

Being new here, I learned a lot of thing with the club and its members. It also entails great care and consideration.

Selfless service amidst pressures of work has been a part of my life ever since. That was the Christian upbringing I had with my family and my community at younger age.

It was January when my friend, Emelda Navarro, the manager of Postal Bank dropped my name in the Rotary. She visitesd me in my office and introduced me to IPP Doc. Olan Dealca and with the incoming President Butch Guides. It was a short discussion. Later, I knew that I was a 2008 candidate as a new member of the RCMS.

It was not easy to be in the club. Someone has to nominate you. They will check and investigate your credibility as a professional and as a person. They will assess your commitment to service based on your current contribution and role extended to the people as well.

During the regular Rotary meeting your name will be presented and discussed, if someone disagree to your membership, they will turn you down in the club. Well I am happy being chosen as one and PASSED!

I attended three consecutive meetings. At first, I was uncomfortable with the new acquaintances. Most of the members are in the medical group and we are only two who are active in the academe - Rtn. Butch and I.

I was lost in the discussion. It was the Biosand Water Filter(BSWF) project as introduced by Rotarian Ruth Martinez, of Breachton Rotary, Australia. With us are members of the US Peace Corps. Every time I attend meetingS, BSWF was an issue... Obvious, it was the Rotary's project at that time.

My formal induction came sometimes in July. I had a very bad health that time.. I got hypertension brought about by misunderstanding in my work... it was so suffocating.. Thanks God! Things went better after that!

Thanks to Doc. Dennis Donor who gave me prescription and advice with my health problem. I got relieved with the comfort of my fellow Rotarians. I was energized.

Thanks a lot to Tita Emz Navarro.. you are really a great friend. I remember your advise, " AS LONG AS YOU ARE DOING RIGHT FOR THE SCHOOL, DONT LET OTHER PEOPLE STEP ON YOU!"

I was asked by Dra. Lidu Dorion what was in my mind of contributing to the Rotary being elected as the Youth Director. Well, I felt very previliged. Tita Lidu is the Assistant District Governor of Rotary 3820.

I introduced the TEN OUTSTANDING STUDENTS OF SORSOGON (TOSS) 2008. Upon presenting them the objectives, the Rotarians approved the project by principles.

I immediately developed the mechanics and programs. The next Wednesday, I presented the project and the ball start rolling for TOSS.

Hehehe! Nawala sa eksena yung BIOSAND WATER FILTER. So everybody are busy for TOSS. I assigned different committees, work out for funding, trophies, etc.

Until one Wednesday of October, Aaron Michelson, a US Peace Corps member is backing out in the BSWF project. So we have to find a replacement. I recommended my student, ALAN DURANA to replace him. After series of interview he passed.

November, we are all busy with TOSS. I am so proud of the cooperation given to me by my colleague. Pres. Butch drove me to CHED-Legaspi, Irosin and Bulan in distributing the letters. Rtn. Emz also help me deliver communication within the downtown Sorsogon. Tita Lidu and Tito Larry Garrido contacted Senator Chiz Escudero for the trophies.

All Rotarians raised a fund for the foods and tarpaulins.

December 10, was the screening of candidates. There I think 29 entries for high schools. We narrowed them to 12 finalists. The doctors were intoxicated disecting documents instead of human body. Wala sila choice, sila na-assigned sa Screening, eh! But they enjoy doing it anyway!

For the college, only nine submitted declaring them instant finalists!

last December 17, we had a party in the Fritz Homestay. I facilitated the affair. Fun games! Exchange gifts! I got Dra. Babes palamig jug. Naisip ko agad, patindahin ko kaya si Shelby ng palamig sa school. Shelby, is our pointguard inCCDI Wildcats team.

I went home as earl as 12am, being aware that I have to reserve extra energy for tomorrows final selection of TOSS.

December 18. Wow! It made me like a Superman! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I woke up as early as 5.30. Fix my barong, sip a cup of coffee and go! I immediately proceeded to school with Rotaractor Chuck Nares. Do the documents, every thing! Then I rushed to the City Hall to check if the venue is okey.

My God! the venue is bare of decoration... although sound system is there already. The aircon is turned on yet the tables and chairs are not yet arranged. The tarpaulins are not yet hanged!

People in Filipiniana attire and barongs are getting thicker.. Dignitaries, principals, public officials are coming.

Well, in just an hour everything is fixed!

Alas, the venue becomes elegant and highly organized for the TEN OUTSTANDING STUDENTS OF SORSOGON 2008.

Awarding followed... the next is a new experience to tell!



  1. Very inspiring experience. I saw your interviews. You are great and so the Rotary. Congratulations to the Rotary for spearheading TOSS! Its awakening!

  2. Anyway, can we know if it will become a regular search in