Wednesday, November 4, 2009

K: Fashion '09 Preparation Gallery

A perfect table arrangement for the show.
It's La Marie's signature table arrangement.

ACSAT students mixed beverages out of these wines.
Job well done, ACSAT.

I designed this stage with the help of CCDI Animation students (Ralph Nicolas, Thea Gigago, Joseph Astrophel, Wilfredo Lotino and the Rotaractors). What can you say about it?

The Computer Computer Communication Development Institute (CCDI-Sorsogon) added an attraction to the set-up. CCDI was the official tabulator of the competition.

This bar wass set-up by ACSAT students. Kudos to Rtn. Bing Nicolas.
I salute you and your staff for this wonderful preparation.

The gym looked a huge wedding reception venue.
Congratulations to the La Marie's Restaurant for this wonderful preparation.
You have the right to claim the best reception arrangement in Sorsogon!

For this wonderful venue, I would like to thank:

CCDI Animation students for an elegant stage design
ACSAT Sorsogon for their excellent wine booth

La Marie's Restaurant for their outstanding catering preparation

Mayor Leovic R. Dioneda for City's sound system

Mr. Bobet Lee for the use of the gymnnasium

CCDI student assistance (Melvin, Regie and Michael)

Rotaract - Sorsogon

PHOTO IMAGE for providing me these nice photos
(Rtn. Louie and James, our student)

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