Monday, November 2, 2009

The Making of K' Fashion '09

K’ Fashion ‘09 held last October 22, 2009 in the Provincial Gymnasium, Sorsogon City was one of the projects which I chaired in Sorsogon that gave me the greatest challenge.

I will share to you my experiences how Rotary handles it that turned it out to be one of the best event in the Kasanggayahan Festival. Our club is composed of the busiest people in the province yet is committed to serve the community beyond personal interests.

One time in our regular Wednesday eve meeting in the Rotary Club of Metro Sorsogon, the members brainstormed and came up on spearheading an event for the Kasanggayahan Festivities. The criteria are: it must be something unique and never been held in the province, significant to the community, entertaining yet a dignified event and that it should promote Rotary’s cause of raising our funds.

I suggest to spearhead a fashion show and competition so that through the event we were able to recognize the couturiers and artists of Sorsogon as we raise fund for our various community projects. Seconded by Rtn. Marie Escobedo and Rtn. Emily Navarro, all members agree to the project.

Dr. Jun Dioneda, our President and the members unanimously commissioned me to head the event being the youngest (I claimed, hehehe) in the group. It was a tough challenge for me because I never had an experience of handling such event.

A week after it, we were called by the Kasanggayahan Foundation Committee to attend the planning committee. Their we meet KFI personalities such as Msgr. Fracisco Mnje, the Chairman, and his boards Tita Pilaring, Tita Sylvia Lao, Tita Irma Gojit and Ate Beth Alindogan.

While we are organizing the Kasanggayahan event, Manny Babasa who was our former instructor in CCDI approached and told me that he is interested of joining the Rotary. I introduced him to our President of the Club, Dr. Jun Dioneda who was with us during the meeting also. I presented to Manny the mechanics of the club. Immediately during our meeting for that week, I made mention of his name. Three weeks of checking Manny’s background, the Rotary found him fit for the club. Then we finally accepted and inducted him as a new member.

My prayer is answered. Rtn. Manny became our newest member and we asked him to be the choreographer of the event as I do work on the operation and preparation of the project. We asked him to recruit participants and presenters. Honestly, I am a novice in fashion show, and I was a little bit apprehensive of chairing it because the people of the province knew me better in basketball.

Yet, with the support of my co-Rotarians I did not hesitate to be the project director of the event.

My colleagues, Pres. Jun with Past President’s Dr. Larry Dioneda, Dr. Olan Dealca and Butch Guides work together for the sponsorship. Dra. Babes Janaban, Dra. Lidu Dorion, and Rtn. Susan were busy selling the tickets to their friends. Rtn. Rey Evasco and Rtn. Louie Bonavente who were assigned in marketing and promotions were also busy looking for sponsors of the events. Dr. Larry were able to sell tickets with a gross of P12,000.00. He did also worked out for more or less P20,000.00 worth of sponsorship courtesy of JOMETRON Construction, etc.

Dra. Millete is in-charge of catering. It’s an advantage because her family owned a a high-end restaurant – the La Marie’s (our official Rotary conference venue). This restaurant has the BEST foods in the province of Sorsogon, You have to try and prove it!

Postalbank manager, Rtn. Emily Navarro was busy for our budget since she is the IGP Treasurer. Yet during our unloaded time, I always disturbed her to fetch me and Manny in our itineraries.

I challenged one of our instructor in CCDI, Francois Detera to be the Marketing Agent. He did accept the responsibility. He sold the tickets mostly to the office of the city and provincial government. Thanks to Mayor Leovic Dioneda for buying 11 tickets at P500.00 and for allowing us use the city’s sound system for free.

Rtn. Bing Nicolas of ACSAT accepted our offer of utilizing their foods and beverages department to set up wine bar. She also sold tickets amounting to P10,000.00, I guess.

A week before the start of the event, I went to Bulusan to look for EJR Sound System. It has the reputation of having the best lightings in the whole province. I negotiated and the deal was closed to P5, 000.00 for one night use.

I had also worked out sponsorship from Globe amounting to P5,000 and 800 free tattoo Sims and 6 boxes of Alaxan. All were distributed to the audience for free. Thanks to Ms. Genevieve Cerdeño of Globe and Ann Maristela of Alaxan.

October 20, two days before the event the pressure came to height. It was a final exam in CCDI and I was busy signing clearance yet I was still in-charge of the stage preparation.

I hired four carpenters to construct the ramp. Thanks to Dr. Tonet and Engr. Diesta for recommending very efficient carpenters, especially Norvin who really helped me meet the deadline of construction.

I also asked Ralph Nicolas, our Animation student to make me a design of the stage. I gave him the concept and he did interpret in his computer. Alas! The designed was made excellently.

The design is classic, mainly composed of black and white with an overlaying elemental art work. My very big thanks to my Animation students, Thea Gigajo, Joseph Astrophel Ataiza, Jeff Navarro, Ralph Nicolas and Shelby Gobris who helped me design the stage.

Thanks also to the Irosin Handy Craft for lending me his capiz curtains that I used as an added decoration in the stage.

Of course, a big thanks to the Rotaractors whom despite of their busy schedules in school were able to manage of helping me complete the stage design. They are, Jerome, Jeeson, Jayson, Gemo and Marian. Chuck Nares also did the IDs and certificates.

All are busy for the preparation of the venue. ACSAT set up their booth and the La Marie’s staff prepared the tables and their catering needs diligently.

Students with the help of Mr. July Ajero volunteered in the preparation of the venue.

Well, around 5:00 p.m. the Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium became an elite wedding reception hall perfectly made for an illustrada couple.

After checking everything, the lights, catering, sounds, stage and the dressing rooms, I went home to fix myself for the night.

Read my next blog for the details of the event.

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